Rhyming couplets: A Year of Shakespeare and Lewis

Over the last couple of weeks I have seen a number of year in review, my top-ten …, and similar kinds of posts, inevitable I suppose given that it is January now and, somewhat shockingly (I say that in all serious as the new year crept up on me far faster than I was expecting) it is now 2015. You’re probably sick of seeing such posts and this isn’t – strictly speaking – a post of that ilk, but something on a similar vein. Simultaneously to my discovery of this blog trend I also came across the #RhymeYourPhD hashtag on Twitter. So this post is, I suppose where blog meets twitter meets research and while my research last year doesn’t quite fit the hashtag (as it was Masters research) here is my take on it.

A #RhymeYourMAthesis if you will:

We’ve all heard of the wardrobe

The place with a world inside

Try adding to that the Globe

And Shakespeare trying to hide


You see there’s another dimension

To these stories perhaps just for kids

They’re not only about religion

Yes there’s more waiting under the lids


Try Shakespeare – his plays for a start

There’s Hamlet and Bottom there too

Narnia is more complex at heart

And Lewis’s life is a clue


You see if we look in the wardrobe

Who knows what we will find,

But I reckon it’s worth a probe

For therein perhaps lies the mind

Of its creator Lewis

And all that he chooses to show us

If we’re hasty and quick to dismiss

Then we might just miss his genius!

Ok, I know the genius rhyme is a bit tenuous.. Wouldn’t this concept be great for future abstracts? Ok fine perhaps not appropriate in serious academic circles but it is a good prompt to reconsider your research in a different light and one that others, beside you, may understand.

But, if it’s not clear from that.. Well I’ve spent most of 2014 looking into the presence of Shakespeare, and, more specifically, his plays in Narnia a topic which has tended to attract one of two responses, either laughter or horror; but the research isn’t over (begging the question of course when is research ever really over) and there’s so much more digging to be done, so this is less of a last year wrap up and more a, in Schwarzenegger style, “I’ll be back” [exits into a wardrobe pursued by a whole host of books and a bear].


About Sarah Waters

I'm a PhD student at Oxford Brookes University researching female melancholia in Early Modern medicine, drama, and its resonances with our understanding of female depression today. I also have research interests in Shakespeare, Renaissance literature, Children's Literature, CS Lewis, and The Inklings.
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