Shakes Snow Globe or The 12 Days of Shakespeare

Yes, I know it’s July and it’s been a lovely hot and sunny day and I know it’s the summer. But in the words of Mungo Jerry, “in the summertime we do what we please” so I thought I’d stick my 12 Days of Shakespeare Plays up on here. All together now one, two, three!



On the first day of Christmas,

Literature gave to me

A shaking little pear tree.


On the second day of Christmas,

Hamlet asked confusedly

To be or not to be?

As he stood by the little pear tree.


On the third day of Christmas,

Portia’s father offered me,

Three laden chests,

Two gold, silver and one lead.

And he left the choice up to me.


On the fourth day of Christmas,

Macbeth, a bloke ruled by prophecy

Foresaw power and prestige

Enter three sneaky witches

Two bloody hands,

And a dead royal wannabe.


On the fifth day of Christmas,

Henry strove to be

King and man.

Off he popped to war

’gainst all odds – victory!

Yes, he asserted authority.

And got a French girl thrown in for tree.


On the sixth day of Christmas,

Ariel masked and singing by decree,

(See, they all want to be free)

“Full fathom five”

Ban ban ban.

Murderous plots ensue.

Enter storm-crossed lovers please.

Don’t panic it’s a tragicomedy!


On the seventh day of Christmas,

Words falter. Now let’s see,

Several striving scholars try to be

Eloquent, pure, holier than thee,

Sustained by all things literary,

Flawed from the start

Enter three French birds

Scenes full of custard-carried love

And with death cue reality


On the eighth day of Christmas,

Atischoo, oh bless me!

It’s all in the hankerchief you see.

Scheming Iago

What a nasty piece of work

Always crying “pick me”

Tricks his trusty boss, Othello.

Race-y scenes and slumber party ensue.

Throw in a pillowfight too,

Come on Othello, figure out what’s true!


On the ninth day of Christmas,

Who give true love to thee?

Fatal error from the start,

Lear fails to see the true heart

EE cuts all family network ties,

Cue disguise and surprise

A geezer loses his eyes.

Fools prove most wise,

Three daughters: they all die

Two sons: good lives evil dies,

Tate Modern. Gallery for different eyes.


On the tenth day of Christmas,

Much dressing up, who’s (s)he?

Ten things I hate about thee.

But will you marry me?

I’m going to tame the shrew you see!

Several outfits later,

‘Te Amo’ love song resounds.

Is that double wedding bells?

Boys will be boys.

Cure calling for their birds.

Surprise! Katherine returns his call.

For finally, love truly conquers all.

On the eleventh day of Christmas

My true love sent to me

Argumentative households,

Monte-capus please agree!

No crossing stars here please.

Hit Paris up not Venice, please.

Wherefore art thou love,

Have you tried the balcony?

She’s in bed you see!

Late night calling birds,

Poisoned kisses too,

As marriage ends in sadness,

And friar-pharmacist brews tragedy.


On the Twelfth Night of Christmas,

My true love sent to me

A couple of shipwrecked twins,

Cesario, who’s he?

She’s THE man.

Drinking dancing gents,

Planted love letters,

Silky yellow stockings,

Dark closet beckons,

Cue insanity.

Seb hits the stage,

Confused identity,

Marriage in secrecy.

Revenge, no? It’s a comedy.


Happy summer folks, and may the Bard be with you come rain or shine!


About Sarah Waters

I'm a PhD student at Oxford Brookes University researching female melancholia in Early Modern medicine, drama, and its resonances with our understanding of female depression today. I also have research interests in Shakespeare, Renaissance literature, Children's Literature, CS Lewis, and The Inklings.
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